Saturday, 13 October 2012

ETS2 Beta - Strasbourg To Reims

Well I am true to my word, the new video is uploaded onto Utube, but please remember that a 12 year old was playing the game at the time of it being recorded and there might be some faults with his driving as after all he is only 12.

My 12 year old son playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, regulars to my blog and forums may have read about this video on there, and the fact that he did not stop asking me to play the game, so I allowed him a small trip to keep him happy

Trip Information

Truck Used - Scania R730 12speed auto Left Hand Drive
Cargo - Suger
Starting Points Stasbourg
Destination - Reims
Game time - 3hrs 52mins
Actual Time - 20mins ( approx )
Distance - 193miles

Please remember that a 12 year old was playing the game at the time of recording, and if there are any mistakes it is because of his age.

Please be aware that there may be slight inperfections in this video, as video editing is not my strong point, but I am hopefully doing enough to scrape by without embarassing myself to much. I hope you enjoy the video, I know I enjoyed recording it.

Computer Specs This Was Recorded On,

Foxconn G31 Motherboard
Q6600 2.4Quad CPU
3Gb DDR2 @800Mhz
MSI N550GTX-Ti 1Gb GDDR5 Graphics Card
500Gb Sata II Harddrive
17Inch Dell LCD Monitor
Offical Xbox 360 Force feed Back Steering Wheel & Pedals

Please remember that the game is still in the early beta stages and you might see or hear problems in this video, the beta testers are finding as many problems with the game as they can, and the dedicated SCS team are working very long hours trying to fix them.

For More Information on ETS2 And Other Games By SCS, Goto The SCS Blog -
Facebook -
SCS Website -
ETS2 Website - (Now Live )

Please do not ask me where you can get this game from it is not even out on release and this is of course a beta version of the game, the game is due for release on the 19/10/12


  1. nice video Max.
    thx for your work , from Russia

    1. Thank you Nik, comments are always welcome on the blog and the forums.

      I am glad you enjoyed the video, I know my son had the time of his life recording it


  2. I always online on your blog.:)
    And watch for updates.

  3. All trucks are limited to 56 mph/90 km/h.
    Can we remove the limiter???

    1. I know there was a mod out for Scania Truck Driving Simulator to remove the limiter, but until Euro Truck Simulator 2 is released I wont be able to answer that question, I do not know of any way to remove it in the beta but I have also not looked into this either.


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